Defense Lawyer for Criminal Cases


White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer: B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law

Many types of white collar crime can occur in a business environment or relate to fraud or mishandling of funds or accounts, such as:

Identity Theft


Petty Cash Theft

Bank Fraud


Credit Card Fraud

Accounting Fraud

Health Care Fraud

tax Fraud & Evasion

Creating False Client Accounts

Corporate Internal Investigations

If you face charges of white collar crime, you need representation by a strong defense attorney who is skilled in the ways of both state and federal courts in our area; someone with the experience of federal prosecution. Call B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, today at (304) 263-5698, or contact us online to request a free consultation.

Weapons Charge Defense B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law

Alone or in connection with another criminal offense, a weapons charge in West Virginia can bring serious penalties. Dangerous weapons under West Virginia law include:

Black jack

False Knuckles

Gravity Knife






Review your weapons charge defense matter with B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law. He will review all aspects of the situation with you and offer sound defense strategies for criminal law to protect your rights on weapons charges at the state or federal court.

Criminal Law Defense in WV for Federal Investigations by:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF),
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
And more.

Computer & Cybercrime Lawyer to Defend Your Rights

Technology is important  to many people, at home, at school, and in business. However, the illegal use of technology can lead to computer and cybercrime, which carries significant criminal penalties. Crime using wired and wireless technology means you need a lawyer like B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law. He has the experience with West Virginia computer and cybercrime law and can help defend your rights.

Burglary & Theft Crimes in WV Require Strong Criminal Defense

Experience shows many who face burglary-related charges may not be aware of the types of buildings covered under the law. West Virginia’s criminal code defines burglary of a “dwelling house,” which includes homes and other common structures, even if a building is used part-time or occasionally, such as:

Factory-Built Home

House Trailer

Mobile Home

Modular Home

Self-Propelled Motor Home

Adjoining Outbuilding

(Garage, Guest House, Etc.)

B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, offers strong defense in criminal law, with strategies to help protect your freedom and rights. In West Virginia, Chapter 61 of the criminal code provides for up to ten years in jail for anyone convicted of burglary or breaking and entering. Call today!

Shoplifting & Retail Theft Attorney to Represent You

Being accused of shoplifting can happen to almost anyone because of increased store security and proactive efforts to thwart retail loss. Whether a store employee or security guard accuses you, once the police arrive you need an attorney to protect your rights. For most criminal theft in WV, punishment generally follows a $500 threshold. A first offense or first-time shoplifting conviction may bring a penalty of a fine plus time in jail. If you face charges, B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, can represent you in court.

Persons convicted of shoplifting in West Virginia may face civil penalties in addition to criminal charges. This may require you to return stolen merchandise to the store, pay for damages to the merchandise, pay for any physical damages from the incident, and pay for the store owner’s costs and attorney’s fees. Review the circumstances of your shoplifting matter with B. Craig Manford and know the best defense strategy.

Assault & Battery: Criminal Law Defense that Makes a Difference

If you throw a punch or attack another person with a weapon, they may report your actions to the police. Based on the police report and any physical findings, you may receive an assault or battery offense. Aggravated or malicious assault is a felony in West Virginia and convicted offenders can face significant jail time. Battery and simple assault are often a misdemeanor offense; however, repeated battery offenses may result in a felony charge. Having a strong criminal defense lawyer at your side can really make a difference. Contact B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, today for a consultation.