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Help With a Revoked or Suspended Driver's License

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Having your driver’s license suspended or revoked can be more than an inconvenience or a hassle when you need it for daily transportation or work. License revocation matters can have a severe impact on your daily life. Restoring your suspended license or reinstating a revoked license with the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) often takes the type of legal advice available from B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law. Call our office in Martinsburg, West Virginia today at (304) 263-5698 or contact us online to arrange for a free consultation.

License Revocation & Restricted License After DUI Conviction

West Virginia has strict penalties that affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle after a DUI conviction. You may also face court fees, mandatory DUI classes, installing an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, or performing community service. B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, may be able to help you apply for a restricted license. A restricted license allows you to drive to and from work or school during your license suspension period. For more information on DUI please read our DUI/DWI page or contact our office.

Effective Restoration of a Revoked Driver’s License

Trying to get around without a driver’s license can be frustrating as well as have a negative impact on your life. Working with an experienced attorney like B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, can help turn the problem around. In West Virginia, a driver’s license may be revoked for such matters as driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or as part of another criminal law penalty. Each license revocation matter is unique, so every matter receives individual care as to how best to file for reinstatement. Call us today!

Circumstances for License Revocation by the DMV

Violations that can cause suspension or revocation of your driver’s license include, but are not limited to:

Point accumulation according to the DMV Point System.

Falsely obtaining a license.

Driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Failure to drive according to the restrictions on your license.

Failing to pay any type of court fees or court-ordered payment (such as child support).

Driving without insurance.

Failure to provide proof of insurance.

DUI offenses, such as driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit or refusing to test for BAC.

Leaving an accident scene that resulted in personal injury or death.

Failing to satisfy any civil judgment made against you due to your involvement in an accident.

Negligent homicide or manslaughter involving a motor vehicle

NOTE: While the DMV can suspend your license, you are also subject to criminal penalties imposed by the court.

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