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Strong Criminal Defense for Drug Possession & Trafficking Offenses

Residents of the Martinsburg, West Virginia region who face charges related to drug crimes can call B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law. You need a lawyer you can trust who knows how to best defend you and protect your rights if you face drug possession or trafficking charges. Were you part of a targeted raid or other law enforcement crackdown at the state or federal level? Were there weapons confiscated? Discuss all the details of your situation with a free consultation today and know where you stand. Contact us online today for a free consultation, or call (304) 263-5698.

B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, Represents You on Drug Charges

As with DUI, B. Craig Manford is the criminal lawyer you need to call when you or a loved one face drug-related charges. There can be several aspects to analyze on each drug case:

Was the arrest performed legitimately?

Are you charged with a misdemeanor or felony?

Is this the first offense, or part of a history of charges?

Was this a local, state, or federal investigation?

What were the circumstances surrounding the substance?

How did the narcotics or substance come into your possession, allegedly?

Enforcement Crackdowns on Drugs in West Virginia

In West Virginia, local, state, and federal agencies may operate together to enforce drug laws. These crackdowns serve to stem the rising tide of drug-related deaths in many local communities. County, state, and federal law enforcement operations may target individual offenders. Police may apprehend groups or gangs involved in distributing narcotics and other controlled substances. These ‘drug sweeps’ occur as part of a wider net of enforcement. Criminal offenses for drugs range from being an associate or accomplice to trafficking, possession, distribution, and more. Police may also seize weapons, personal property, and vehicles as part of a drug raid or crackdown, so call today!

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Local, State, and Federal Hearings for Drug Possession & Trafficking