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Effective Criminal Law Defense for WV State & Federal Courts

As a regional attorney, B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, offers effective criminal law defense for charges arising from state and federal agency investigations. His office in Martinsburg serves residents in Inwood, WV, and throughout the region. B. Craig Manford defends clients against criminal offenses in both state and federal courts. He offers legal services to clients who need an effective defense lawyer who cares. Call (304) 263-5698 for a free consultation or contact us online. Make your first step to effective state and federal defense by contacting B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, today.

Legal Services in Inwood, WV, for West Virginia State Law Offenses

B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, offers experienced legal services for crimes related to West Virginia state law. Offenses under state law include such matters as operating a vehicle under the influence, assault, burglary, drug crimes, shoplifting, and weapons charges. If the state police charge you with a crime, you need to speak with a knowledgeable attorney like B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law, for experienced legal services in Inwood, West Virginia.

Offering Strategic Defense for Federal Crimes in Inwood, WV

When federal agencies and federal prosecutors charge residents of Inwood with a crime, it generally occurs after a lengthy investigation. It may involve one or more federal agencies, depending on the offense. Surveillance, the deposition of expert witnesses, exhibits, and other forms of evidence require strategic options for the most effective defense. If you face federal charges in Inwood, federal agencies may attempt to freeze or seize your assets or restrict your freedom in other ways. To protect your rights, enlist the experienced representation of B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law.

Defense in Inwood, WV, for Federal Investigations by:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF),
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
And more.

Protect Your Liberty in Inwood, WV, with B. Craig Manford

Inwood, West Virginia, residents who seek the advice of a lawyer who knows what to do about state and federal criminal offenses can turn to B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law. With three decades of experience, he offers effective criminal law defense strategies. Secure your rights and liberty with B. Craig Manford, Attorney at Law; experience you need to protect your property and freedom.

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